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Welcome to your new blog!

January 23, 2012 in general by T.Dlugos

Welcome to the technopunk network!

This post contains necessary information about setting up your blog. You can erase it after and start blogging!

If you are new to wordpress, access your dashboard from the upper left corner of your screen, follow the menus :

> my sites > your blog > dashboard


1/ Every member is allowed to upload 4 pictures in their own media library. These will be hosted by the technopunk network :

(These 4 pictures can be displayed on the “slideshow” which is the banner of your blog, it displays a nice slideshow with a maximum of 4 pictures, so you can upload your best pictures to make your blog personnal and looking (very) good)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>In Order To make the pictures appear on the slideshow :

a/create a new post

b/upload a nice picture of your avatar for instance, or something else you like (a large picture works best with the slideshow)

c/make sure the SLIDESHOW category is selected (this is mandatory or your picture wont appear in the slideshow)

d/(optionnal)write a text

e/publish post


2/ link to flickr and youtube or any other media hosts in your posts, DO NOT UPLOAD ON THIS SERVER (except the 4 pictures for the banner). Thank you.

Users uploading more than this will be removed without prior notice. Links to flickr and such websites should be enough.


3/right sidebar flickrstream widget : default is hangars liquides group stream, you can customize the flickr stream on the right sidebar with the flickrstream of your choice go to :

dashboard > main menu on the left side > appearance > widgets

you arrive on the widget page, look at the menu at the right of your screen > “right sidebar” you see the flickr API widget, expand it and enter the requested information.


4/for experienced wordpress users only: feel free to use any themes and widgets you like


5/you can always come back check this blog to read how to set this up after you erase this present post.

happy blogging!


Big Time

January 17, 2012 in general by T.Dlugos

Blade Runner – Chick w/ Gun